Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Psalm of Lamentation

This is a psalm I wrote for an assignment in a class I'm taking this summer.

Why, O Lord, have you turned your face from your people?
Do you not hear our pleas for mercy?
All day the faithful cry out in anguish,
And the righteous grieve all the night.
How long will you remain distant,
Until you come in all your glory to establish your kingdom? 
O good Creator, we weep for the sins of our nation,
For the perversion of the law and your good earth.
Remember this nation which you brought into existence,
With the desire to see righteousness upheld.
See how the people follow after the idols of the land,
And sacrifice justice for power and wealth.
The people no longer are stewards over the land you have given to them,
It is defiled in the pursuit of their idols.
See also their disregard for their own families,
They hold their brothers in contempt and murder their children in the womb.
The people hate their neighbors and themselves,
They do not believe they are made in your image. 
Restore us, O Lord of our fathers, and deliver us from our sins,
Save your people from our wicked pride.
For you are a merciful and compassionate God,
Who hears the cries of your people.
Although we grieve for our fallen nation, we trust in you, the Almighty,
Who will not let the faithful perish.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

To My Teachers

No one ever thanks the teachers

Sure, they get "thank you" sometimes
Maybe once or twice a year
People give them lovely gifts
To express their gratitude

Some teachers did more harm than good
Others simply did their job
These had very little impact
They are shown appropriate gratitude

There are some teachers
Who understand
Who challenge students
Who help them grow

There are some teachers
Who support dreams
Who are parents
Who teach more than the class

They understand bad days
They appreciate laughter
They value hard work
They see what no one else can

Here's to my teachers
Who after thirteen years
Have shaped my life
In indescribable ways

I owe so much to these
And there really aren't words
To show how much I love them
All I can say is

Thank you.

Monday, March 17, 2014


A gust of cold wind
Shakes the trees
The brisk autumn air
Alive with color
Leaves fall in the wind
Millions of leaves fall
In a single forest
All at one time
How can a person
Watch them all
One at a time
And follow the path
Of each leaf
As it falls to the earth
It is impossible
To watch them all
And see the paths
On which they travel
But there is one
Who is able to see each
To watch carefully
To catch and guide them
Along the journey
And it is in Him
Who guides my path
That I trust

Saturday, February 22, 2014


It’s so painful
watching her self-destruct.
And wanting to help
but not being able to.
Seeing her hurt
and then hurt again.
Wondering why
she doesn’t learn.
What is there to do
but watch and wait?
Someday she will learn
not to play with fire.
But until that day
all there is to do is watch
and wince with her.

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Bowl of Ice Cream

The biggest bowl of ice cream
The biggest chocolate bar
The most slices of pizza
The longest movie marathon
The best books
The funniest TV shows
The softest kitten
The loudest cat purr
The most cuddly teddy bear
The most expensive jewelry
The highest telephone bill
The cutest pictures
The deepest cut
The worst tears
The biggest hole in the wall
The loudest shouting
The hardest run
The most beautiful song
The longest poem
The most “I love you”s
Cannot come close to replacing
The company of a loved one

Monday, December 23, 2013


I have a problem
With my comfort zone
And the lack of desire
To leave it
I do not wish
To be uncomfortable
And so I do not
Step over the threshold
I am weak and weary
I have succumbed
To laziness
I still desire
That all be healed
But I lack
The drive, the energy
(Dare I admit, interest)
To get up and act
I'm comfortable here
Maybe I'll get up
Tomorrow or the next
But if I don't move
How can I grow
And so how do I live
To live, I must live

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Imaginary Friends

Here I was thinking…

Fake people wouldn’t hurt me the same way
If they weren’t real, how could I get attached
How could they hurt me
And so then how could I hurt them

I should have known better
Of course I’ll get attached, real or imaginary
And even an imaginary friend can say no
Can go away and leave me to ache

So if you weren’t real, does that make you fake
Yes i suppose it does, after all
Didn’t you say you loved me, and then leave
So then you couldn’t have been true

And so now I’ve learned my lesson
But am I any better off for it
I would give my heart away again I think
To someone who tells me they love me

So now I’m thinking that maybe
Even though you’ve gone, it will be okay
After all, I still love you, real or not
And that’s enough for me